The Luckiest Days to Get Married in 2023


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Trying to choose the perfect date for your 2023 nuptials? Well, it just might be written in the stars. If you look to the zodiac and different cultural traditions, there are some days that are considered luckier to make a lifelong commitment like marriage. While any date is the perfect one to tie the knot with the one you love, those looking to align their celebrations with a lucky one can look no further.

Ahead, we looked to the Chinese and Hindu calendars and the zodiac to share with you the luckiest days to get married in 2023. Read ahead to pick your perfect day to say "I do."

Lucky Days in the Zodiac

Looking to transits, eclipses, and retrogrades is one way those interested in astrology can determine their wedding day. "The date of a wedding can actually underlie the overall tone and energy surrounding a marriage," explains Julia Arielle Modorsky, an astrologer at Sanctuary Astrology. "Although there are a plethora of wonderful dates to get married, here are some astrologically-significant dates to consider when looking to tie the knot in 2023. None of these dates will have a Mercury, Venus, or Mars retrograde."

For those looking into a winter wedding, January and March could bring about your luckiest days for your ceremony. "An expansive union and serious commitment in love shines upon January 22, with the double alignments of Jupiter and Juno, and Venus and Saturn," says Modorsky. "Celebrate the astro new year with a celebration of love during the New Moon on March 21, full of fresh communication with Mercury joining in. This day will also have the valuable tone of loving steadiness and stability with Venus and Juno conjoining in Taurus."

The spring is not only a great time for floral-filled celebrations, but it also brings about some lucky dates. "It will be a hot day on April 11, as expansive Jupiter aligns with the invigorating Sun, and the future-oriented and electric sparks of Uranus aligns with Juno’s focus towards a committed union. There can be a powerful, communicative, and transformative vibe with Gemini Venus harmoniously trining Pluto," details Modorsky.

"The grounded, natural, and secure Taurus New Moon will appear on May 19, with plenty of activity and dreaminess due to a smooth flow with Mars and Neptune," continues Modorsky. "Jupiter and Mercury can up the communication, and Cancer Venus will make an appearance to really bring along a loving family vibe with beautiful and heartfelt emotions."

If there's one month both brides and astrologers love for weddings, it's June. "There will be a New Moon in versatile and communicative Gemini on June 17, and we’re calling in the Summer Solstice—or the beginning of creative and caring Cancer Season—on June 21! On both dates, active Mars and loving Venus will be aligned in vibrant, expressive, and fun-loving Leo, and seriously committed Juno will be aligned with the Sun," says Modorsky. "While the Moon joins the Sun for a fresh, new beginning on June 17, the Moon will join Venus and Mars to bring in more feeling and emotion to the Venus-Mars duo on June 21."

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Lucky Days in the Chinese Calendar

The Chinese calendar marks auspicious days throughout the year that correspond with luck for a variety of life events from travel to signing contracts to saying "I do." According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, the best months for marriage in the Year of the Rabbit 2023 are May, July, August, October, and November. The most auspicious dates are 2, 8, 13, 14, 17, 20, 25, and 29. So a combination of any of those months and dates (for example, July 17) would be a positive one to book a venue.

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