How to Stay Cool at an Outdoor Wedding


Many brides dream of an outdoor wedding. The fresh air. The blue sky. The landscape. But it’s more than just rain that can interfere with a big day in the great outdoors. Heat can be a factor too, and with summer season being big on weddings, the happy couple will want to put some extra thought into keeping everyone comfortable.

Staying cool at an outdoor wedding requires choosing the right time of day, then planning features that provide shade, a breeze and plenty of refreshment.

Here are some tips and tricks for hosting a wedding everyone will enjoy even during the warmest months of the year.

Timing is Everything

What’s true for love is equally true for wedding planning. When days are longer, there are plenty of hours when the sun is shining. Just like it’s best to avoid the sun’s damaging rays during peak hours, late morning until late afternoon, it’s best to avoid holding a wedding under these same strong rays.


Instead, plan for an early ceremony or better yet, one that takes place in the evening. The closer the sun gets to going down, the better. And just think of the fabulous sunset backdrop you’ll enjoy.

Made in the Shade

Whatever time of day you choose, there will likely be some sunshine to contend with, so you’ll want to include multiple options for shade. This can start with a spacious tent large enough to welcome all guests at once. Consider the setting and look for natural shade when possible – trees provide cool comfort and outdoor charm.


If the outdoor ceremony takes place somewhere without natural shade or far from the reception tent, provide wedding guests with individual parasols. These are useful on-site and make excellent favors – don’t forget to have them printed with your wedding logo.


Other shading ideas include pop-up tents, gazebos, fabric-draped pergolas and large umbrellas. These features can match your décor while ensuring guests feel comfortable.

Cool Air and Refreshing Mist

For outdoor weddings held in tents, incorporating an AC unit goes a long way toward mitigating high temperatures. Some venues may have this feature built into an outdoor space. Otherwise, a variety of temporary cooling units and even misters can be rented.

Fans won’t lower the temperature, but they do get air moving, making us feel cooler. In this category, there are plenty of options from paper fans and silk fans that can be custom designed to coordinate with your theme to electric units that can cool large areas. Small hand-held, battery-operated fans can also bring relief, and some have a mister attached for twice the cooling power.

Iced Culinary and Cocktails

An outdoor summer wedding may not be the right time for spicy food and flaming cocktails. When selecting food and beverages, think about what will be most refreshing. Start with offering plenty of water, and place self-serve stations throughout the space. Take it up a notch with fruit infusions or offer electrolyte water bottles or even coconut water as an option.

Cocktail hour can be equally refreshing when the drinks incorporate fresh fruits, juices and ice. In fact, there are multiple ways to feature ice from cubed to crushed to blended.

Appetizers and desserts can be tailored to hot weather too – think gazpacho and popsicles or other frosty treats. After dinner, offer iced or frozen coffee drinks.

More Ideas for Beating the Heat

Hosting a summer wedding outdoors comes with pros and cons. With thoughtful planning, you won’t have to scratch the season of sun off your list. Here are a few more tips to stay cool at outdoor weddings.


Attire: When picking out your dress, suit, outfit or whatever you plan to wear, take temperature into consideration, and choose lighter colors and fabrics. That goes for your hairstyle too – anyone with long hair might want to strategize and updo or at least bring a ponytail.


Sunblock: Friends don’t let friends get sunburned. Like water, sunblock should be readily available at an outdoor wedding.


Chilled Cloths: From terrycloth to Frogg Toggs, an iced towel provides significant cooling.


Avoid Metal Seats: Is an explanation really needed here? Don’t torture your guests.


Start your wedding planning by finding the perfect venue. With soaring ceilings and crystal chandeliers, the spectacular Piedmont Garden Tent welcomes outdoor weddings all year round. Whatever the season, we keep our guests cool with our built-in air conditioning or warm courtesy of our heating units.

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